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Merville | thursdays 6:30PM




The Circle is a weekly women's group to support you in living intentionally. It's a unique opportunity to take time for yourself with equal parts self-reflection, learning, decompression and meaningful connection with other women.

One Circle

Ten women.

Three facilitators.

Two months. Eight weekly Circles.

A community connected by a desire to live more mindfully. 

who's invited?

You are! The purpose of the Circle is, first and foremost, to provide a sense of unity within our community.

All over the world, Women are remembering how to hold space for each other. All over the world, Women are beginning to gather in this way. If you are hearing the call, then you are being called to gather too.

We have space for ten women for this upcoming fall session. We have curated a short intake form for you to fill out; this ensures that the group is a good fit for you and will help us meet your expectations. Once you've filled out the Intake Form and we have reviewed it, you will be emailed a confirmation, with details on how to confirm your spot with payment. 


6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Sept 14th - Nov 2nd 2023


Private + intentionally curated space in Merville, BC

Details + directions will be sent with your confirmation email. 


$260 per person, two month session includes; eight Circles and access to our private community-led chat group.

Payment due in full to hold spot.

Payment plans are available upon request. 


Doors open at 6:30PM. When you arrive, you will be greeted with hot tea. This is an opportunity for you to quietly socialize, pull a card and settle into your spot in preparation for the Circle to begin.


At 6:45PM Simone will open the Circle and offer a grounding practice. We will then move into onto a quick round of check-ins, before diving in to the main topic, meditation, sharing prompts etc that the facilitator has prepared for that evening. Each session will be unique, offering up a variety of tools, exercises, and reflections. We have a diverse team of facilitators, each bringing their own unique offerings to the Circle. 


At 8:15 we begin to close the circle, offering a moment to reflect and honour yourself. The Circle ends at 8:30PM. The option to enjoy a final cup of tea in the space is available, doors close at 8:45PM.


We'll explore

Cyclical Living

Mother / Father Wound

Attachment Styles + Relationship Patterns

Death + Dying

Feminine Embodiment

Ritual + Spiritiualty 

Sexuality + Pleasure

And so much more...


Meet The TEAM



Simone started attending weekly women's circles six years ago with Rising Woman, answering an internal call to explore her patterns on a deeper level. Unresolved early trauma and a series of unhealthy relationships had left her feeling lost and disconnected from her true self. Flash forward to today - Simone has a clear understanding of her relationship patterns, uses reliable tools to support her nervous system, and channels her sensitivity as intuitive wisdom to guide others towards their own self-discovery. Simone is made of equal parts nerdy and spiritual. She holds a Masters in Occupational Therapy with post-graduate training in trauma-informed practice, nervous system regulation, psychoanalysis, and early child development. A practice of responsive parenting with her 3-year-old daughter, alongside deep dives into attachment theory, cyclical living, shadow work, somatic experiencing, and yoga scaffold an integrative approach to her work. Having facilitated groups of people from all sorts of backgrounds, Simone loves witnessing the unique mix of healing and wisdom that arises whenever people come together to engage in conscious connection.

2023-02-19 Megan HOCR-13_edited.jpg


A few years ago, Megan found herself completely burnt out, mentally + physically. Having just finished her Business degree while simultaneously starting a business with her husband; she had hit a wall and was no longer able to enjoy the life she worked so hard to create.  She had been fed the lie (that most of her generation had also been told) that happiness comes from external circumstances. Get the degree, start the business, buy the car, go on trips, be happy. Somewhere along this false pursuit of happiness, she lost herself.  With a highly dysregulated nervous system and no sense of self, Megan sought help from her local wellness community. Through therapy, life coaching, meditation + yoga, cyclical living, a million self-development books, human design, a death doula training, EFT tapping, and most recently cold plunging - Megan was able to reignite the spark that once burned so brighty.  She has come to learn that if you follow passions fully led by purpose, your life just works.  Seeing first hand how beneficial it is to be in community with radiant women, Megan has created a community space where women can come together to find themselves again; a refuge for the spirit of the feminine.  Paired with her degree in business marketing and an extensive background in customer relations, Megan curates and hosts exceptional experiences that leave you feeling more like your true self. She is looking forward to welcoming you in.



Natasha Rainkie is a member of Khanjet (Crow Clan) of the Kluane First Nation. Her traditional territory rests along the Kluane Lake in the Yukon and is a descendant of Southern Tutchone speakers. As a second-generation Indian Residential School Survivor, Natasha had to navigate and overcome the impacts of intergenerational trauma including poverty, suicide, addiction, eating disorders, and the shame that stemmed from the disconnection to her culture. After giving birth to her second child, the unresolved traumas and unhealthy thinking patterns came to a head and she knew it was time to shine a light on the darkness. Through ceremony, sweat lodges, plant medicines, sound healing, and the many tools and teachings she acquired throughout her healing journey, Natasha found herself connecting back to the land and tending to her roots and lineages. Knowing that it was education that caused so much disruption and ancestral pain within her lineage, she embarked on a learning journey that was equally as spiritual. Today she holds two bachelor’s degrees, a Master of Education Degree in Adult Learning and Global Change and is currently working on completing a Master of Indigenous Education Degree at UBC. As an Indigenous Teacher, Natasha uses her holistic and intuitive approach to support her students, her family, and her community. Natasha has facilitated sound healing ceremonies where she has incorporated cultural and ritual teachings. She loves showing women how to tap into their inner medicines and the endless possibilities when we gather in community and connect through rituals.

A Women’s Circle is a sacred space created intentionally for women to gather. A sacred space free of judgment, competition, expectation, pressure or noise. A sacred space void of the demands from the outside world, a space just for us, to go inwards, to reconnect, to return home.
A refuge for the spirit of the feminine. 

Frequently asked questions

Is this a therapy group?

The Circle is not a counseling group and is not meant to replace traditional counseling or therapy. If you are currently experiencing significant mental health concerns we recommend seeking support from a psychiatrist, psychologist or counselor.  With this said, others have found similar women’s circles to be beneficial alongside therapy. Simone is also trained in group therapy and will be incorporating therapeutic group principles into the framework of the Circle.

Will this be like a full moon or a new moon circle?

Full moon and new moon circles are typically one-off or monthly events held in alignment with the moon cycles. The content of these circles varies based on the background and experience of those facilitating them. The Circle is a weekly group that may include some similar experiences and likely some new ones. The weekly commitment offers the opportunity for the group to go deeper and expand on topics from week to week.

I am an older or younger woman. Is the Circle for me? 

We invite any adult who identifies with feminine cyclical living to attend our group, including post-menopausal people. From past experiences, we can share that a multi-age group enriches the experience for everyone involved.

I have had negative experiences with women in the past and am hesitant to be in a room filled with women. Is The Circle for me? 

There is no doubt that many of the people attending The Circle will have had challenging relationships with other women in the past. One of the main intentions of The Circle is to help rewrite these past experiences and to recognize the incomparable power and magic that comes from a gathering of women.

I have no past experience with any type of women’s circles or women’s group. Is The Circle for me?

The Circle is created to be accessible to anyone with an open mind and a willingness to explore deeper layers of their life experience. If you’re currently in a place where going deeper feels too vulnerable or too intense, perhaps the timing may not be right for you. If you feel ready to dive in to exploring your past and present relationships with yourself, others, and the world around you, then we invite you to take the leap and join us! With this said, a trauma-informed approach is important to us. Every process and practice is invitational and we will prioritize creating a safe container for everyone.


Origins of the circle

A Circle with a sacred centre is the oldest known form of social interaction. This is how communities would have gathered to interact, eat, commune, pass down wisdom and stories. A place where all generations could come together to share in life. 


Amongst some First Nations tribes, these were places to discuss issues in the village; using the circle as a safe place to hold different opinions and ideas. In Pakistan they are called Bashalis, a sacred place for women to gather, where men were strictly forbidden. These spaces created a sense of freedom and liberation from women’s responsibilities. Creating a breathing space for the women to just be. In Pagan communities they were often used to honour the moon cycles, the seasons and the solstices. 

A Women’s Circle is a sacred space created intentionally for women to gather. A sacred space free of judgment, competition, expectation, pressure or noise. A sacred space void of the demands from the outside world, a space just for us, to go inwards, to reconnect, to return home.

A refuge for the spirit of the feminine. 

Land Acknowledgement

We would like to respectfully acknowledge that we live, work + play  on the traditional and unceded territory of the K’ómoks First Nations, the traditional keepers of this land. We offer our gratitude for their care and teachings about the land, waters, and our relations.

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